About us

Our firm has a general practice with the main areas of law being: Property Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, (international) Criminal Law, Labor Law and Persons and Family Law. We also have an extensive consultancy practice.

Sewcharan & Pick was founded in June 2001 by Gerold Sewcharan. keep a clear focus on our client’s interests. We are fair, transparent, committed, critical, and go the extra mile for our clients. Because of many years of experience in Suriname as well as in the Netherlands our advocates can handle most legal question and are able to adequately deal with a broad variety of cases.

Each case is different. In an initial contact either in person or via telephone or e-mail we identify the question and advice the most effective assistance in consultation with the client. All our advocates act on the fundamental principle that every individual has a right to professional legal assistance and should be able to rely on service with integrity, expertise, and independence. Sewcharan & Pick guarantees these three fundamental values of the legal profession.