Our team

Mr. Gerold R. Sewcharan LLM

Gerold is founder of the Law firm Sewcharan & Pick. After graduating as a lawyer specialized in Private Law from Leiden University in 1995 he completed the vocational training for advocate apprentices in The Netherlands. During this training period he worked as an advocate in Utrecht and handled cases concerning Administrative Law, Labor Law, Criminal and Family Law. In Suriname he initially focused on Criminal Law but due to the growth of the firm his focus shifted and now Private Law, Contract Law, Business Law, Corporate Law, and Financial Law constitute the majority of his work. But Gerold has also gained much experience in the field of Constitutional Law.

“I am conservative, controlled, care about people and love nature.”

Gerold was born in Paramaribo the capital of Suriname. He graduated from Leiden University in 1995 with a major in Private Law specifically Contract Law. Until 2000 he was employed at a law firm in IJsselstein Utrecht.

In the Netherlands he mainly advised and litigated in the areas of Immigration Law, Social Security Law, Labor Law Criminal Law and Personal and Family Law. In 2001 he established his own law firm in Suriname.

In the early years of his practice in Suriname he became particularly known for his actions in major national and international criminal cases. His professional attitude led to him being asked to teach the course on Criminal Procedure in the vocational training for advocate apprentices to be admitted to the bar. This training is supervised by the foundation SJSSN now CDR. In addition to this he has worked for CDR with national and international lawyers and judges including judges from International courts. He also acted as counterpart and co-lecturer in advanced courses in the legal areas of Criminal (Procedural) Law and Human Rights. He was also approached by the Ministry of Justice and Police of Suriname to serve on committees to revise the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure. The growth of the firm’s Private Law practice however caused him to focus exclusively on Private Law for the past fifteen years. Gerold currently explores important issues of Business and Corporate Law particularly directors’ liability and the rights and duties of shareholders in large corporations. His interests include Financial Law.

Mr. Benito A.H. Pick LLM

After graduating from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in 2004 Benito was employed as a lwyer at a consultancy firm. In 2006 he started as an advocate apprentice at Sewcharan Advocaten law firm now Sewcharan & Pick and was admitted to the bar in 2007. Benito specializes in Criminal Law but also acts in Private litigation. Benito Pick and Gerold Sewcharan are now managing partners at Sewcharan & Pick.

“Confident, reliable, determined, vibrant, and flexible that’s me all over. Playing soccer that’s my hobby and what I stay awake for.

I believe that all people deserve a fair chance and that’s what I am committed to.”

Benito graduated from Erasmus University in Rotterdam majoring in Criminal Law in March 2004. After graduation he was employed as a lawyer at “het Juridisch Adviesbureau (legal consultansy firm)” where he mainly dealt with Labor Law and Administrative Law issues.

Benito joined Sewcharan Advocaten (law firm) now Sewcharan & Pick in April 2006 and worked mainly in Criminal Law cases but now he also regularly acts in Private Law litigation.

In April 2013 Benito served as a panelist at “the Roundtable Discussions for advocates specialized in Criminal Law” as part of the 2010-2014 vocational training for Magistrates.

In 2019 he co-hosted a two-day workshop with Gerold Sewcharan as part of the vocational training for prosecutors.

In February 2015 Benito acted as conference moderator at the seminar “Abolition of the death penalty in Suriname” for advocates specialized in Criminal Law. At this seminar he shared his views on the abolition of the death penalty with the attendees. Shortly after this seminar the Criminal Code was amended by Surinames parliament. The death penalty no longer appears in the new Criminal Code.

Since 2014 Benito has been asked to teach courses in Professional Ethics & Professional Attitude, Criminal Procedure Law, and Practical training in the vocational training for advocate apprentices organized by SJSSN, now CDR.

Mr. Eva D. Esajas LLM

Eva graduated from the Anton de Kom University of Suriname with a master’s degree in Surinamese law in 1995. She further specialized in Private Law in The Netherlands. Eva gained professional experience at various law firms in The Netherlands and Suriname and was employed as paralegal, student trainee, and advocate apprentice.

In 2007 Eva was admitted to the bar and has been working at Sewcharan & Pick since 2010. She mainly focuses on the Law of Persons, and Family Law, Labor Law, and Law of Property.

“A fair society in which everyone has equal opportunities and lives in freedom.” That’s what Eva believes in.

To achieve this, or at least move towards it everyone must have free access to justice and be able to fully exercise their rights. Eva’s contribution to this ideal is by practising her profession.

Eva has great emphatic capabilities and a broad social orientation. In addition, she has a strong sense of justice. These characteristics combined with her experience as an advocate are the perfect mix for anyone looking for legal aid and justice. For Eva each case is unique and a personal

mission to find the best resolution for the litigant, be it an individual company or organization.

Eva believes in life long learning and in passing on of knowledge. Therefore, she has regularly been teaching courses for advocate apprentices at the vocational training institute of the Center for Democracy and Justice (CDR), especially Law on Dissolution of Marriage, and Professional Ethics & Professional Attitude. The challenging profession of being an advocate must be practiced in a conscientious manner. Therefore Eva’s parole is: Quality can only be delivered through long life learning and social commitment.

Mr. Cheryl S. Djajadi LLM

Cheryl completed the master’s degree in Surinamese Law at Anton de Kom University of Suriname in 2013 and was admitted to the bar in 2016. She has been with Sewcharan & Pick since 2012 first as a paralegal then as a advocate apprentice and after completing the practical training period on June 24, 2016 as an advocate. Cheryl specializes in Private Law, particularly Property Law and the Law of Persons and Family Law. She also advises and litigates in matters of Employment and Tenancy Law.

Anthony J. Heath LLM

Anthony completed his Bachelor degree in Surinamese Law at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname in March 2011 and his Master degree in 2015. In 2012 he started working at the Registry of Cantonal Courts for Criminal Cases as Registrar. In 2015 he also worked as Registrar at the Court Martial until 2018. In December 2018 Anthony took up a new challenge as an advocate apprentice at Sewcharan & Pick.

Convinced that every person is entitled to legal aid and willing to defend this right to the best of his ability, Anthony worked hard under guidance of G.R. Sewcharan LLM (senior partner at Sewcharan & Pick) and completed the practical training period in August 2022. Anthony was admitted to the bar on August 24, 2022. For now, he is in general law practice.

Mr. Judith H.M. van der Gugten LLM

After first working in The Netherlands Judith completed her studies in Dutch law at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1992 and is she a professionally trained mediator. Judith has worked in Suriname since 1997 at management-executive level and amongst others as a lecturer-trainer at the vocational training for advocate apprentices. As of 2019 she has been associated with Sewcharan & Pick as an advocate apprentice on a parttime basis and on July 19th 2023 she was admitted to the bar. Judith has a general law practice.

Judith studied law at Erasmus University Rotterdam after completing her teacher training in The Netherlands. She worked several years as a lawyer in The Netherlands before remigrating to Suriname in 1997.

Judith has extensive work experience at management and executive level in both corporate and non-profit sectors. She was also employed as a teacher-trainer at the vocational training for lawyers to be admitted to the bar and is active as a mediator. Because of the various positions she has held at the foundation SJSSN (now CDR), she has become well acquainted with the legal profession in Suriname. In 2019 she was project-manager co-responsible for the project ‘Unlocking Judicial Decisions (court rulings) in Suriname’ which resulted in a website for the Court of Justice and a reference database for court rulings.

Judith completed training to become a professional mediator in 2008 in Suriname and in 2018 in Curaçao. She is co-founder of the Mediation Group Suriname (2011) now part of the Foundation for Mediation Professionals Suriname.

Judith is convinced that mediation can be a full-fledged alternative for parties who wish to resolve their (impending) conflict instead of engaging in a lengthy and sometimes costly legal procedure. She also believes that lawyers and advocates could more often settle conflicts successfully by using mediation techniques. This may eventually result in more sustainable win-win solutions.


The advocats working at Sewcharan & Pick are administratively supported by three secretaries (colleagues in the secretariat), two colleagues for finance (in the financial administration), a courier and an interior caretaker. Most of these colleagues have been with the firm for many years.